What Sports Can Be Done From Home?

Many people struggled in not being able to exercise outdoors during the pandemic. Covid-19 has not only disrupted routines but stressed people with many limitations. Nevertheless, indoor activities should always be kept in mind, should there be a restriction of going out as the most important thing is to sweat and preserve mental health.


John Hopkins Medicine revealed that yoga brings many benefits to yogis. Physically, yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility. It is also good for those who have a heart problem, back pain and arthritis. Mentally, it helps in sleeping and managing stress, besides providing more energy and brighter moods. Essentially, what you need to get started are a yoga mat and a space in the house. It’s also recommended to wear a yoga pant and a tank top if you want to be more comfortable. Personally, I recommend the YouTube channels called “Yoga With Adrianne” as she teaches yoga while giving the instructions, thus it helps the yogis to visualise how to do the steps.


Zumba is a dance workout inspired by Latin and moves according to the beat of the music. The study found Zumba can improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. 39 minutes of Zumba class burns an average of 9.5 calories per minute and 369 calories for an average length class. Zumba also helps to destress as it turns your attention to dance and away from your daily work. You can easily do Zumba at home by finding a suitable Zumba channel on YouTube and commit to it regularly. For great Zumba videos, you can follow these YouTube channels called “Zumba” or “Zumba Class”.

Exercise At Home with Home Workout Equipment

Exercise using home workout equipment allows you to get a good workout without leaving the comfort of your own house. It is very adaptable and you can do any type of exercise, whether you want to lose weight, or gain strength. There are numerous advantages to having workout equipment at home, including the ability to maintain your fitness routine, save time because there is no need to leave the house, being more convenient for your busy lifestyle and enjoying the privacy of exercising at home. Jumper rope, weighted armbands, dumbbells, balance ball, exercise bench and treadmill are examples of home exercise equipment.

Studies from around the world show many benefits of exercise, it not only helps you physically such as keeping your body fit, enhancing cognitive functions and improving alertness but can also trigger positive feelings throughout the body as exercise can release endorphins. Thus, yoga, Zumba and exercise with home workout equipment may be ideal exercises that you can practice during this pandemic.

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Nor Shahirah Mat Tauhaid, Sarah Aisyah