Parenting in the Era of Digital Technology

The pandemic has created extreme engagement between children and online games.

A long-term job called "Parenting" will never be replaced even though technology has the potential to eliminate up to 85 million human jobs in the next five years (The World Economic Forum). Although technology cannot take the role of parents, it may provide children with rapid access to information. Parenting in the digital age can simplify life, but it can also negatively affect our children, no matter their age.

Online Games

The pandemic has created extreme engagement between children and online games. Time spent on video games has risen because of the pandemic. No doubt, it is known that games can improve our children's cognitive development and better eye-to-hand coordination; it is extremely essential to note that they can also lead to addiction and aggressive behaviour upon the prohibition. Children tend to retaliate when parents deny them access the online games. Hence, it is vital to have a time limit. Ensure your child has alternative activities such as spending time with your children by having indoor or outdoor activities.

Educating Children on Safety Risks

Over the pandemic, children have been exposed to online learning and at times, they are left unattended. These days, children spent greater time in front of a screen in the past two years where they may be exposed to scam, online bullying and reputational damage. Parents may protect the safety of their children by changing their privacy settings, search engines, and parental controls to prevent this from happening. As a parent, it’s critical to spend time discussing online behaviour with your children to feel comfortable approaching you if they have any issues.

Social Skills

Children who use smart gadgets suffer from an inability to communicate and develop relationships with parents. Spending too much time online might harm the relationship between parents and children. In addition to that, our children cannot learn the essential social skills they will need throughout their lives because of their lack of social abilities. Parents should have more family time with their children to talk regularly and create bonding.

As parents, our goal is to educate our children on living meaningful and fulfilling lives and at the same time, embracing technology and innovation. However, we cannot entirely prevent them from utilizing technology, but we should always strive for a balance in life and technology.


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Najib Nazaruddin, Asmuni Ali