“Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” ―Hillary Clinton. Now this quote by Hillary Clinton interests me. Partly because sometimes it is very relatable.

How many of you have gotten so absorbed with work that you forget to take some time to just be you. You lack interaction with your close circle of friends and family (close circle if you are an introvert like me!) and it comes to a point when you question yourself, why am I doing all this?

Now, what if you are surrounded by an awesome team and great colleagues? That's how I find myself at HumanCap. Work has always been work, replacement leaves being hard to be replaced, finding time beyond work can be challenging but what stands out here is that there are plenty of employee engagement sessions. We have , The HumanCap Articulators, our internal Toastmasters group which is a speech club to practice our public speaking skills which I find to be a hoot.

To keep ourselves healthy, we play futsal and badminton to sweat our stress out all the while having loads of laugh.  I believe for me this helps in maintaining my work-life balance as when I go home to my family or to meet up with my friends, I can speak happy things of my work as the stress balances out with all of these activities which we have at work.