Three Steps to Mindfulness

Mindfulness doesn't have to be difficult, you can start by following these steps!

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Mindfulness is a simple method of connecting your inner thoughts with your surroundings. It helps you acknowledge your feelings without judging the emotions or sensations as you are feeling them. Mindfulness can enhance parts of the brain associated with happiness, creativity, memory, emotional intelligence and compassion. Here are a few ways to get started.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises help redirect your attention from stress or negative thoughts. Low-stress levels will result in better mental health and better quality of life. Focus on your breathing and pay attention to your senses. This can be done while sitting, lying down, or even standing up. Take five deep belly breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this three times and practice it multiple times a day. If your mind starts to wander while doing this, try bringing your attention back to your breathing.

Live in the moment

Living in the moment means not dwelling on the past and focusing on the present. Train your mind to be conscious and aware of all your senses. Stay focused on the activity that you are doing so that you become more connected with your thoughts and feelings. Another important attribute of living in the moment is gratitude. Practising gratitude will help you focus on the positive things, and at the same time, create a positive outlook on life.

Observe your surrounding

Being connected to your surrounding may also contribute to mindfulness. You can begin by concentrating on what is happening in your immediate vicinity. Be more observant while you take a walk in the park or tour a nearby area. People tend to simply admire the beauty of nature. These activities can calm the mind, enhance creativity, improve your mood, and increase your awareness, which will help you respond better in challenging situations.

Mindfulness may not solve all your problems but it can help you live a more fulfilling life. It can assist you in remaining focused while allowing your emotions and bodily sensations to come and go without becoming engulfed by them. Remember, do not berate yourself for being unable to stay focused for a certain duration. Take it slowly at first, and you will improve over time.

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