6 Ways To Be Happy

Happiness can come in many forms and be defined differently from one person to another such as in materialism, spirituality and physicality.

Regardless of the type of happiness one is seeking, happiness will generally lead to a healthy and flourishing life. The following are six common ways to be happy.

Doing Regular Exercise

Regular exercise has been proven to lower stress levels, ward off anxiety and depression. Many people resort to exercise to boost their self-esteem which helps them to kill two birds with one stone - being both happier and healthier, simultaneously.

Writing in a Personal Journal

Next is to own a personal journal. Most people have a planner that helps them to organise their daily activities and to-do lists but not everyone realises that having a personal journal specifically to organise thoughts and emotions can do wonders for their mental state. It helps to release negative thoughts and emotions and avoid them feeling overwhelmed in difficult situations.

Having Gratitude

Simply being grateful can help one to appreciate the small things in life and divert their attention from focusing too much on negativity.

Surrounding Self with Positive Crowds

Surrounding oneself with a positive crowd can also help in terms of being happy. The first step is to identify the people who can bring positive influences into one’s life and then start learning their positive approaches towards life in tough situations.

Practising Altruism

Practising altruistic or selfless behaviours generally comes from genuine intentions to help others such as lending a helping hand and being considerate to other people. It helps to increase self-esteem and develop a sense of purpose in life, both of which are key factors in increasing happiness.

Having Positive Facial Expressions

Lastly, one’s facial expressions can also have an impact on one’s well-being. For example, frowning indirectly can cause one to start feeling irritated which will then eventually change to a more negative emotion that can last for a long time. Therefore, it is encouraged to practice positive facial expressions daily such as smiling as it will help one to be more positive.

Applying all of these practices for 66 days (according to research by the European Journal of Social Psychology) can become a long-term habit and one can immediately see all the benefits of being happy both mentally and physically. As Herman Cain stated, “Happiness is the key to success.”

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Sarah Aisyah, Nabila Adnan & Amirah Mohd Shah.