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Since 2007, HumanCapient Consulting Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Human Capital Development Sdn. Bhd.) has gained strength from its diverse collection of expertise in the areas of

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Our experienced management team, having held senior positions in the private and public sectors, offer invaluable combined industry experience and functional competencies. Customising your needs is what sets us apart from our competitors. Backed by a wealth of accumulated experience, our team of experts are here to ensure that only the best solutions are provided to you and your company.

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To date, HumanCap has provided strategic support and value-based consultancy to clients from various sectors including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Banking, IT and the Government.

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Elevating Human Capital and Finance for Sustainable Futures


Sustainability and Innovation
Current aviation strategy in enhancing safety and security does not take into consideration the evolving global landscape which necessitates continuous adaptation and innovation.

Human Capital (HC) and Financial Independence
The organisation faces sustainability challenges due to inadequate human capital (HC) strategic frameworks and financial frameworks. The absence of these foundational structures may impair long-term operational efficiency, making it difficult for the organisation to thrive independently.

Strategic and Transformation Needs
Absence of a strategic direction that focuses in enhancing the workforce skills, acquire financial autonomy, and implement transformation plans to achieve improved service, sustainability, and excellence.

The Solution

Strategy Propose a five (5)-year strategic plan that includes incorporating innovative practices and sustainability principles by anticipating future challenges and opportunities to position the entity as a global leader.

Human Capital (HC)
Develop a HC Strategic Plan, covering talent management, performance management, succession, career management, and service schemes, complemented by job-fit analysis for strategic alignment.

Financial Management (FM)
Strengthen financial policies, processes and procedures for improved governance, transparency, and strategic financial alignment, based on analysis and benchmarks with best practices.

Change Management (CM)
Implement CM strategies to support strategic initiatives and promote resilience, adaptability, and service improvement, defining stakeholder commitments.

The Outcome

A five (5)-year strategic plan, incorporating new HC frameworks and enhanced financial policies, processes, and procedures, that propels the entity towards growth and sustainability in the industry.

Catalysing Change, Ensuring Endurance: A Nationwide Governance Journey


Nationwide Rollout of Google Workspace
425,000 users - the second largest Google implementation in the world.

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO)
Imposed significant challenges by the pandemic and MCO enforcement.

Change Resistance
Stakeholders often resisted change due to uncertainty or fear of losing control. Effective change management strategies, such as stakeholder engagement helped address resistance, build buy-in, and foster a positive attitude towards change.

User Adoption
Users were accustomed to existing system. We developed comprehensive communication and training plans to educate users about the benefits of the new system, provide hands-on training sessions, and offer ongoing support to address any concerns or issues.

The Solution

• Virtual engagement sessions (Tech-talks, Change Agent Networks)

• A comprehensive training plan

• Frequent communication material dissemination

• Mini videos

• Online interactive polls and quizzes

• Self-help materials

The Outcome

Minimal resistance in adoption towards the nationwide rollout of Google Workspace for 400,000 government employees.

Revolutionising Human Capital for Tomorrow's Success


Opportunity for Modernisation in HR Strategy
There was a chance to update HR practices to better match industry standards, enhancing ability to manage talent effectively and improve overall efficiency.

Streamlining HR Processes
Transitioning to more streamlined approaches presented an opportunity to boost productivity and enhance employee satisfaction, ultimately leading to a more efficient workforce.

Strengthening Talent Management
Aimed to refine HR frameworks to address challenges in talent acquisition, skill development, and succession planning. This proactive approach will enable the organisation to better attract, nurture, and retain top-tier talent.

The Solution

• HR Framework

• HR Policies

• Capability Development

• Top Management Talent Assessment

• Implementation Plan

• A revamped organisational structure

The Outcome

The project improved HR procedures and organisational effectiveness, which included the development of a new HR framework, policies, organisational restructuring, more staff involvement, an implementation plan, and leadership assessment reports.

Powering Tomorrow: Crafting Malaysia's 5-Year Energy Evolution


Core Values Realignment
The organisation needed to reassess and realign its core values to reflect the evolving energy landscape and ensure its actions were in line with the national energy agenda.

Identification of Strategic Objectives
It was essential to identify strategic objectives that not only reflected the organisation's mission but also contributed significantly to broader national energy aspirations and targets.

Formulation of Impactful Strategies
Developing strategies that were effective and had a tangible impact on Malaysia's renewable energy development was crucial. These strategies needed to be innovative, practical, and scalable.

Financial Planning
Adequate financial planning was necessary to support the execution of the strategic plan. This involved identifying funding sources, allocating resources efficiently, and ensuring sustainability in the implementation of initiatives.

The Solution

• Situational Analysis

• Foresight Analysis

• Conducted a strategic retreat to obtain approval from Board of Directors and Top Management on the future desired state.

• Established strategic objectives and key performance indicators.

The Outcome

A five-year strategic plan, collaboratively developed and endorsed by the Board of Directors and Top Management, was officially adopted and implemented by the organisation.