Mirror Mirror on the Wall – The HumanCap 360 Leadership Assessment

What would you do if you had a multi-angled mirror that tells you what people think of you? You would be able to use those powers to get the prince to marry you or eat an apple or was it world domination? Or you could simply use it to improve yourself overall.

Having visibility of your leadership capabilities and professional abilities is a wonderful thing. Knowing what you are good at and what you are lacking will give you the basis of self-improvement and betterment as a leader. Getting comments and feedback from your manager is pretty standard and is usually done during your monthly or yearly feedback session for your appraisal. But as a leader, how often do you receive constructive feedback from your co-workers and subordinates? Your co-workers who might be your friends will probably not give comments and feedback on your work performance or your leadership abilities. The same goes for subordinates, it is not a usual practice for subordinates to pass remarks to their bosses regarding their performance fearing retribution. The HumanCap 360 Leadership Assessment receives feedback anonymously which takes away the fear of giving feedback due to possible backlash which also gives assessors the confidence to provide honest and real feedback based on the agreed framework, free of sugar-coating and icing.

The HumanCap 360 Leadership Assessment is a multi-perspective feedback that allows leaders to understand and realise how their leadership effectiveness within the organisation is viewed by others. Candidates will need to nominate assessors from multiple dimensions which make up a 360° circle around the candidate that is being assessed. The dimensions include managers, peers, indirect and direct subordinates, and internal customers.

This assessment will benefit not just the candidate but the assessor and the overall organisation as well. The assessors will have a hand in contributing to the development of their managers and peers. The 360 Leadership Assessment also provides the assessor a chance to assist leaders in developing and improving their abilities to work, manage, and lead. The candidate meanwhile will be able to identify their leadership strengths and gaps that require further development. They will also be aware of how they are perceived by others which will help them build a good rapport effectively and finally, enhance their personal effectiveness for the benefit of themselves and the organisation. And ultimately, the entire organisation stands to benefit as individual leaders develop their abilities to work, manage and lead through the feedback received.

The HumanCap 360 Leadership Assessment which is based on Dr. Rozhan's published book 'Getting Ahead' is available for immediate use and alternatively can also be customised according to your organisation's need.

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