Hazlina Hussein appointed as HumanCap’s COO

Join us to congratulate Hazlina Hussein on her appointment as Humancap’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).

On behalf of HumanCap’s Shareholders and Partners, Encik Mohamad Khuzaini said,

“I always believed that the transformation of any organization must be led by younger generation. The older generation might have their experiences and wisdom to continue and leading an organization, but it is always the new blood that are willing to take new risk and challenges. With that in mind, the HumanCap’s Shareholders and Partners have appointed Puan Hazlina Hussein, Managing Consultant, as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) effective 1st September 2021”

With over 20 years of work experience and almost 15 years involvement in change management, as an organization, we’re excited to have Hazlina lead the organization to reach more milestones and achievements in becoming the Preferred Change Management Powerhouse in Malaysia.