A lesson on Perseverance by Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah

#Lifelonglearning is a value we hold dearly within the organization. Recently HumanCap's Senior Partner & Director Talent Management, Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah completed another level of his #Toastmasters International #Learning Pathway. 

Here is what he has to say about his learning journey:

"Completing level 4 was tough because I decided to speak on unfamiliar grounds and uncharted territories. Presenting a challenging topic that was out of your comfort zone, requires more than just ingenuity to craft it. I spoke about rejuvenating a dying Toastmasters club during the unprecedented covid-19 pandemic period. In addition, to spice the session, the audience was required to fire their questions on issues that could derail the project plan. 

Subsequently, crafting a speech about strategies in public relations was another daunting effort. I had to tap the brains of my ex-corporate communication colleagues before delivering a highly animated slide presentation and reaffirm my understanding on the subject matter.

Furthermore, Division C Director and Area J Director were deliberately invited to evaluate the two project speeches in the most constructive manner.

Perseverance is about rising from the setback, overcoming the drawback and enjoying the comeback."

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